Friday, July 5, 2013

Jack and Drake

What could be cuter than taking pictures of the two cutest boys in the world together? Sometimes they play a little rough with each other, and that makes for some pretty great pictures too. I just love these little boys.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

On to Another Adventure

Well, I have recovered from my post Europe Depression. I only call it depression for lack of a better word. It really just took me some time to adjust to the idea that our trip truly was over. We were thrust rather quickly into the real world with everyday life waiting on our doorstep. 

I have neglected writing because, really, what remarkable things do I have to say that could compare with the majesty of Rome and the serenity of Venice? 

However my dad mentioned to me that he was wondering why I had not written anything for weeks. He said, “it is still your jolly little life you know.” What a good point. So it is. I may have had the most amazing trip in the world with Cory, but it is still those everyday moments that make me feel I am the happiest, most blessed girl in the world. 

And so I am already on my next adventure; three girls and five children caravanning up to Lake Tahoe to visit our hard working husbands. An eight and a half hour journey turned into fifteen hours. No matter, we were still rather jolly. Between the crying and the stopping we still had moments of good conversation and laughter.
Though it may have seemed like a rough start, we are each of us settled in our perspective tents or trailers very contentedly. 

Our husbands leave bright and early in the morning and get home well after dark. So the days are spent in exploring the small town and the beauty that surrounds us. 

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