Sunday, June 9, 2013

Au Revoir to Europe

I am speeding along on the train that is to take us under the English Chanel. It still seems quite surreal that we are really going home tomorrow. We really had an amazing time. I have just had my last affair with a French Baguette, chocolate, and brie sandwich (what a heavenly combination) and now I will finish up the last of our wonderful five week adventure. 

Our final day in Paris dawned bright and beautiful. We got breakfast at our favorite bakery and headed for Notre Dame. We toured the inside; it is different than any we have seen by far. The atmosphere inside is rather ominous. It is incredible. After waiting in a rather long line, we took the strenuous journey to the top of the bell tower. The wait and the work out were well worth it. What a spectacular view of the city. I loved seeing the detail of the building. The gargoyles look so awesome up close. Every single one is different. 

We had so many ideas of romantic dinners at nice restaurants while we were in Paris. However, we have discovered that no romantic restaurant can compare with the ambiance of locations outside. And so our romantic dinner on our last night in Paris consisted of a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. And last night was a dinner date truly to be remembered. 

We finished Paris in a very amazing and apropos way by climbing the Eiffel Tower. This was an incredible view of the city by night and so much fun. We could make out the Arc De Triumph, The Saucre Couer, the Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Seine, and all of the other sights that make up the skyline of Paris. It started to rain while we were at the top so some of the pictures turned out a bit hazy. 

We made it down from the tower ten minutes to midnight so we had just enough time to find a spot in the grass and watch our final light show on the tower. It was a wonderful night and a perfect way to end our trip.
And now, only one more night with our English friends and we will be back home. It is amazing how much time has gone by, and how quickly. I am just thankful for all of the pictures (that my wonderful husband allowed) that I will have to remind me of all of the little moments that made up such an incredible trip. 

In front of our hotel

Saturday, June 8, 2013

THE Bakery

I have to return to recount out our rediscovery of the most wonderful bakery in Paris. On our first day here we went to the Saint Germain area where I recalled this bakery existing four years ago. We didn’t look very hard and I didn’t have much hope. I just thought there may be a slim chance I could glimpse this amazing fruit tart in a window or smell the aroma from the street. To no avail.

However, that night my mom found a picture of our trip four years ago with Missy standing in front of the bakery. We were able to zoom in and see the street sign. Google maps is a handy thing. We found the street right away and discovered we must have been only one block off the day before, but that no longer mattered. We had found it.

We were very eager to get there yesterday and so headed there for our breakfast bright and early.
I will not torture those who were with me on our first discovery of this bakery four years ago by going into the details about these pastries. Just know, they were just as amazing as I remembered and more. Cory pretty much thinks they are heaven on earth. 

And so, we rediscovered one of the most wonderful things about Paris and visited the place twice yesterday. Of course, we will go back today as well. 

Bonjour from Paris

After spending the night in a sleeper train with four other people (two of which got taken out by the police in the middle of the night because they did not have the proper paper work, crazy) we arrived in Paris.

What can I say of Paris? It is different than any other city. It is a huge city, people are so busy and consumed with their lives, while Cory and I wander the streets enjoying the environment. We decided that, as our final stay, we were not going to see everything there is to see while here. We are just going to enjoy the romance of the city. Our beautiful hotel is a two minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. Every night we walk down and sit in the grass with the hundreds of other people to enjoy the amazing sight. Every hour from ten at night to one in the morning they have a light show on the tower. This is a spectacular view, and all the more fun watching it with so many people who cheer and laugh every time the lights turn on. 

We have been to Notre Dame, the Arc De Triumph, and the Louvre, The Luxembourg Palace, not to mention numerous bakeries and crepe stands. We have walked along the Seine and Des Champs Elysees. 

When I was looking at the skyline from our hotel balcony on the first day I discovered we have a view of the Sacre Coeur.  This is one of my favorite churches. It stands up on a hill in such a picturesque way. It also provides an amazing panoramic view of the city. Last night we packed up our bag for a picnic and hopped on the metro to have dinner at this spot. We had to stop at a bakery on the way to pick up our dessert…a bag full of Parisian macaroons; delicious. We sat on the steps of the church with hundreds of other people, enjoying the feel of the city. We walked around the crowded streets of the Montmartre area, which are unlike any others in the city. Cory loved to watch the various street shows that were going on.

We made it back from this night time adventure in enough time to have our wonderful minutes on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. Truly, what can compare with sitting with the one you love in the middle of the night on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower? (perhaps a gondola ride, but that’s all). 

And now, we only have one more night in Paris. One more full day to wander the streets and see the sights and eat the pastries. I often wonder where the time goes. Venice seems so long ago, not to mention England. This time next Wednesday I will be having coffee with my family, recounting all of our adventures and thinking of this moment, sitting in my hotel room in Paris. 

I better not go on. I see the direction my thoughts are taking and realize it is always better to just enjoy the moment instead of wondering why the moments have to go by so fast.
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