Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Piazza di Spagna & Fontana di Trevi

Walking up the street toward the Spanish Steps, you would not recognize them for the sea of people that cover them. Tourists and locals alike take the opportunity of drinking from the fountain in Piaza di Spagna and resting on the steps. It is a charming place atmosphere, full of activity. After sitting for a bit we walked up the steps to the street above and to seek our next adventure.

On our way to visit the Trevi Fountain for the second time (it warrants many visits) Cory and I made sure we each had a spare Euro to throw in the fountain. It is an old tradition turn your back to the fountain and toss a Euro over your shoulder; the outcome being a return to Rome. Cory insisted that we throw at the same time, just to make sure we return together.

Just as we were sitting enjoying the view with all of the crowds, it started to rain. Fortunately we had prepared ourselves that morning by purchasing two umbrellas. We love Rome by day and by night, and we discovered that Rome in the rain is wonderfully romantic as well. 

The crowds cleared and we put up our umbrellas, happy to enjoy the clearest view of the fountain we could ask for.

On a side note, Trevi Fountain stems from the only original aqueduct that has never been out of order since the Romans created it...in 19 BC. Those are some crazy numbers for you. Cory and I are continually blown away with the history that exists and is still evident throughout the city.

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