Sunday, June 7, 2015

Levi's Room

Well five weeks after my little bundle of joy has entered this world and I have finally completed his nursery. And what a fun project it has been! I have known what I wanted to do for months... but much of it could not be carried out without Levi's adorable little face. After all... the room is not really practical right now since he still sleeps in my room. At this point the room is just a tribute to his cuteness.

I didn't have a specific theme, just a color scheme. And I wanted to integrate scripture. After all, I am going to continually be speaking life into this little man and I want him to grow up surrounded by the word of God - starting with a big decal on the wall proclaiming God's promises for Levi, the tribe of Levi as well as my little Levi. We speak life and peace, reverence for God, and a destiny to turn many from sin over him all the time.

I wanted to post pictures so that everyone who gave me pieces of my nursery set could see how charming they look all put together. And they wouldn't look nearly as cute without his little face poking in here and there. He has not yet learned to smile on cue... but I love every sweet little expression.

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