Saturday, June 8, 2013

THE Bakery

I have to return to recount out our rediscovery of the most wonderful bakery in Paris. On our first day here we went to the Saint Germain area where I recalled this bakery existing four years ago. We didn’t look very hard and I didn’t have much hope. I just thought there may be a slim chance I could glimpse this amazing fruit tart in a window or smell the aroma from the street. To no avail.

However, that night my mom found a picture of our trip four years ago with Missy standing in front of the bakery. We were able to zoom in and see the street sign. Google maps is a handy thing. We found the street right away and discovered we must have been only one block off the day before, but that no longer mattered. We had found it.

We were very eager to get there yesterday and so headed there for our breakfast bright and early.
I will not torture those who were with me on our first discovery of this bakery four years ago by going into the details about these pastries. Just know, they were just as amazing as I remembered and more. Cory pretty much thinks they are heaven on earth. 

And so, we rediscovered one of the most wonderful things about Paris and visited the place twice yesterday. Of course, we will go back today as well. 

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