Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rocking Rome

I feel as if we had a whirlwind spin through Rome and I forgot to take a moment to soak in the surroundings. Rome is truly one of the most fantastic cities in the world. It inspires awe, emotion, romance, wonder, joy, even tears.

I have had Shelley’s words replaying in my mind over and over; allowing me to realize that the impression I have of this great city is not uncommon. He writes, “ I have seen the ruins of Rome, the Vatican, St. Peter's, and all the miracles of ancient and modern art contained in that majestic city. The impression of it exceeds anything I have ever experienced in my travels.”

I only wish that I was the one who so concisely and poetically described the impact this city has on one’s emotions. Alas, I can at least identify with his words and wonder, how could I love a man named Percy?

Cory and I (probably mostly me) like to say that we “rocked Rome”. In only three short days we saw everything from the Forums to the Sistine Chapel, from the catacombs to the Pope. It was a grand couple of days.

Having already expanded upon our experiences at the great amphitheater, I will move onto St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican City. Cory and I both agree that this church surpasses every other that we have seen thus far. It is truly an amazing cathedral. 

We started in the sanctuary and had quite a pleasant surprise when a funeral processional started making its way down the aisle next to us. They were singing hymns as they walked, and the sound as it echoed off the walls was beautiful. 

Housed in the church is Michelangelo’s La Pieta. As we walked to the basilica that morning Cory and I were making schemes for sneaking around and petting Jesus’ foot... Alas it was not to be. The sculpture is quite protected and I had to settle for a picture through the glass. It is still an amazing work to behold. Imagine that Michelangelo was only 23 at its creation; amazing. 

We then climbed to the top of the dome. It is a great hike up hundreds of marble stairs of varying sizes and widths; narrow passageways, slanted ceilings, and occasional slivers in the walls as windows. On reaching the top the view is spectacular; a picture of Rome that is incomparable. 

From there we went to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps… but more on those lovely scenes soon. 

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