Sunday, March 6, 2016

10 Months Old

Life is so hard sometimes. And so wonderful. I wonder how those who are less happy, less fortunate, and less blessed than me cope with all of the little pains that arise constantly. My life is amazing. I am a truly blessed woman. I have a wonderful husband and the most amazing little boy in the world. I am so happy. It is in my happiness that I feel the little twinge of pain; the awareness of time passing and things changing so quickly.
Levi is now 10 months old. Two months away from being a year. I could cry at the thought. Literally, I did, last night when I was staring at him in his crib, sound asleep with the face of an angel. I had that wonderful, horrible song playing in my head as I watched him, “I count it as a privilege, I count it cause for praise, to kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day. For I know too soon they’re up and gone, and walking out the door. And I will never have a child to kiss goodnight anymore.” Oh man, I am crying again. I have become such a strange person. But I know how true that song is because I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought my little 8 lbs. 10 oz. bundle of joy home from the hospital. And I have loved every day, every moment that I have had with him.
My little prince is still weighing in a little over 18 pounds and 29 inches long. He cut four teeth in the last month. It has just been in the last few days that you can really see all four teeth when he smiles. So now his smile changed so much. It is because of those teeth that he had his first fat lip yesterday. After he fell I help him close and he got blood all over my shirt. It was just so sad. His little lip looks even fuller than usual now and it still has a little split down the middle.
He is really cruising with his little walker these days, which is what he was doing when he fell. It is so fun to bring it to the gym. I love watching him go all the way across with a big smile on his face, until he hits the wall and then he just looks at me, letting me know he needs help. So I turn him around and he keeps right on going. So much fun.
His new trick is playing peek-a-boo. He crawls over to any of our curtains in the house and hides behind them until I say, “Where is Levi?” and then he pops his face out to receive my excitement and smiles. Sometimes he gets caught in the curtains and has a hard time finding his way out. Or he peeks his head out only to find that he is facing the wrong way. Either way, the whole process is adorable and I find myself laughing at him and with him, and getting down on the floor just so I can get my arms around his cute little self.
He is still not a big talker. He is starting to ramble a little bit more while he is playing, and it is cute to listen to.  He gets so excited when I start singing and clapping he stops whatever he is doing and looks at me, waves his arms and claps while his whole body bobs up down. It is adorable. He does the same thing whenever he sees my dad. Oh he just loves his papa.
It is so fun having him at the gym with me. He wasn’t there for a few of my classes in a row last week and a few of my regulars asked about him. I said he was on an adventure with his grandma and they said, “He was on an adventure on Monday too!” I heard another one of my members say to him, “You are going to help me lose weight, because I want to come every day just to see you”. They like it when I “turn him lose” during bums and tums. He just crawls around and finds his treasure and smiles at everyone and climbs on me. Makes my days at work so much fun.
The other night when I was giving him his late night feeding he was half asleep and laying on the bed nursing in the dark. He suddenly got up onto his hands and knees and just started trying to crawl. His eyes were half shut and he had the biggest, most adorable sleepy smile on his face. I wish I could have those moments videoed. They are just precious.
Well those are a very few of my wonderful moments with Levi. I am so grateful for each one. I just wish that time would slow down so I could make sure I am sucking the marrow out of this amazing season where Levi and I are the best of pals.


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  1. taking a few minutes to get caught up on Levi's little life and cry right along with you little sister. Such a precious and wonderful time in our lives. Love those pictures. It's just that Watson should be in there with him. After all, they are best friends.


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