Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full of Life

Well here goes... I have always been anti-Facebook, which is totally unheard of in this day and age. Perhaps that is why I am... I loath conforming to social norms. However, I do love reading blogs... which I suppose is not much different. But in my own mind I have discovered and established a difference. A blog is written with purpose, not merely to let your buddies know what Starbucks you frequent (no offense to all you Facebookers, but you know what I mean).

I have never blogged before because I have not found that purpose that compelled me to do so. Until now...

I wanted the title of my blog to be "My Happy Little Life" because that is exactly how I feel about my life. It is the most completely wonderful life; however it is not as if I do a bunch of grand things. I just love living. I so often find myself quoting Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" in my head, "I lead a small life, well valuable but small." I feel exactly the same way.

Well, who would have known that many other people had already thought of "My Happy Little Life" as their own title. Every blog site with that title was already taken. I even visited a few of their sites because I felt that we must instantly be kindred spirits.

So I looked up the synonyms for "happy". What a truly wonderful word! The meaning that is wrapped up in those five letters. Cheerful, overjoyed, jubilant, thrilled, blessed... the list goes on and on. Blessed was my first choice, but of course that was already taken. Therefore I settled for "jolly". And you know, I think it suits me. Webster's definition of "jolly" in 1828 says, "Merry; lively; full of life and mirth; jovial. It expresses more life and noise than cheerful." And so I say, it is perfect! Full of live. That is exactly what I want to be.

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