Monday, April 1, 2013

A Trip of a Lifetime

In my previous post I hinted at, but never expounded upon, the reason that prompted me to start a blog. It is a small reason really; the purpose which I finally found to inspire me to join the rest of the twenty-first century and spill my thoughts and daily activities on the web.

This reason is simply that my husband and I are planning the trip of a lifetime... Ahem, correction, one of the trips of our lifetime. Cory always corrects me by saying that this is not the only time we are going to take a trip like this in our whole life; therefore I have adapted my excited statement.

We are planning a trip to Europe. Hooray! It makes me excited to even write about it. Five weeks, four countries, spring, just the two of is going to be amazing!

 (I can't wait till I can put all of my own pics up... but I have to be there in order to do so!)

I wanted the capabilities of sharing pictures and updates of our trip with my family while we were away. (Since Facebook wasn't happening per my previous post... viola, we have a blog).

So I am in the process of booking train tickets, plane tickets, boat tickets, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, tours, restaurants.... you name it. My parents are even insisting on sponsoring a gondola ride for us. I cannot think of anything more romantic. I only wish that they could be there in the boat with us instead!

I am trying to enjoy every moment of the planning and expectation... because it really is part of the fun. Once the trip begins I am afraid it will suddenly be over. Therefore I relish everything I book and every plan I make.

I will post out current itinerary just in case anybody wants to see what our plans are, or (which would be great) anyone has ideas or thoughts about certain areas and activities that we can do. Five weeks seems like a long time, but as I am planning, the time is just getting shorter and shorter. Now I am wondering how we are going to fit it all in!!!

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