Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best Buddies

Only three more weeks before my exciting adventure begins! I can't wait. I literally feel excitement bursting within me whenever I think about it.... but that is not what I wanted to write about today.

One of the things I am most looking forward to on this trip is the pictures that I am going to be taking. My wonderful husband bought be a very nice camera last year. I was so happy and excited. How difficult could photography be? Point and press the button. Piece of cake. Boy was I wrong. When I first started reading the manual I felt like someone attempting to read a foreign language for the first time. After a few months of trying and feeling like a failure I put the old manual away for awhile and forgot about my beautiful camera waiting to be utilized to its full potential.

Not anymore, after purchasing our plane tickets I felt renewed energy and excitement to be able to capture the memories of our trip in beautiful pictures. I got a stack of photography books from the library and have been eating them up with a new fascination and, believe it or not, understanding. I have been having a blast in the last few months as I try to put into practice what I am learning. I say TRYING, reading about it is way easier than doing it.

I said all of that to say that I have the cutest little models that I get to practice on. On Easter Sunday all of my little nephews (and nieces, more on them later) were dressed up (and clean too!!!). I attempted to take a few pictures of the little guys all in a row. It doesn't take a good photographer to show how absolutely adorable these little buddies are.

There will be many more pictures of these little guys and their sisters posted here in the future!

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