Sunday, April 14, 2013

God Bless Sundays

While I was working a few weeks ago I was talking with a lady about family, tradition, habits, etc. I mentioned that we had dinner over at my parents every Sunday. She smiled and said that she is one of eight children and up until a few years ago her family did the same thing. With tears in her eyes she told me, "enjoy your Sunday dinners."

This got me thinking about all of those things in life that we may take for granted. For instance, our beautiful Sundays. There are seventeen or eighteen or nineteen that gather over at my parents every Sunday afternoon. Ping pong, socializing, sun time, coffee, laughs, and tacos. It is a great combination.

Here is just a little glimpse of the fun we have all together on our Sunday afternoons. God bless family.

It Truly is a Wonderful Life

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