Monday, April 22, 2013

The Watery City

Only two more weeks before we are off. I am almost wishing that time would slow down for fear the trip will come and go too fast. It is true, expectation is a huge part of the excitment and fun.

Today, in preparation for our adventure (at least that is what I told myself... but I am not really sure how it was productive for preparation) I read some of the corespondence between my family and I while I was away on my last trip to Europe. Seven years ago already!

Anyway, the e-mails sucked me into the wonderful experience that traveling is. I read my own descriptions of the cities I visited and felt all of the same awe and wonder that I experienced so many years ago. One reason why journaling is so important.

I thought I would share a little excerpt from an e-mail to my sister. I did not need to read this to be reminded of the feelings I had when I first stepped off the train in the watery city. Indeed, those first few moments have been inspriation for me in various creative writing classes. From the moment I first arrived, Venice impacted me forever.

And one wonders why I am so insanly excited to go back and experience all of this with my husband. Oh wonderful life....

Dear Emsi,                                                                                   June 2006 

I love Venice. Although, I knew I would. We arrived late on a cold, dark and rainy night, with only a slight idea of where we could stay, and without a clue as to how we would get there. Fortunately, God always pulls through; there were several nice people who seemed to know everything that we needed to. We even met a nice man who was staying at the same hostel, so we didn't have to wander the dark streets alone trying to figure things out. What an adventure every day is!
Anyway, today was a lovely day, spent on and off the Grand Canal trying to take in everything. The moment I arrived at the station last night and saw the moon over the water, I just felt... I am not quite sure what, but I am sure that it is the feeling that most people comprehend when encountered with the lovely city. I knew that Venice would not disappoint; we would be friends from here on out (sometimes I talk like Anne because I am reading her books). The city is unlike any other and it makes you feel something. All the emotions that can't be explained rolled into one. I would like to just sit, and watch and listen, read, write and pray. That is what I would do if I had my way here; for romance, and not just love, the romance in everything, lingers here. And I want to sit and drink it in. Ahh Venice. Tonight we sat on the very edge of the Grand Canal and watched as the sun sank...a beautiful sunset.


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