Friday, August 9, 2013

The Write Off

Well it did not take long for the inspiration to write again brought me a step forward. My brother, who is a kindred spirit as writer, claims that he can rock me on the page. Naturally, I could not let my little brother make such claims without some sort of representation of his skills.

We came up with a fun idea that will both inspire and challenge me. We are going to have a "Write Off". Every week we will have a topic to write on, whether it be prose or poetry, and I will post them both on this page.We thought it would be fun to post them anonymously to prevent bias to anyone who takes an interest in reading our attempts at clever composition.

I confess I am getting a bit nervous at my ability to meet my potential when I see my challengers smug face every time we are in the same room. But what is to be done except dive headlong into the beautiful world of grammar, narrative, punctuation, and yes... creativity.

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