Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Recap

May was a month that merits the term, “living the good life.” Without neglecting our responsibilities, we put them a little on the back burner to enjoy each other, our family, and to make memories.

-   When May first came around we were only half way through our amazing trip to the Dominican Republic where sunshine, laughter, running, swimming, eating, drinking, and scuba diving abounded. Talk about Paradise. Honeymoon number 4 (or something like that… it’s hard to keep track) was equally as amazing, albeit different, than the proceeding ones.

-   It was a sad day when we had to board the plane to head home. However… we were not staying home for long. At the risk of coming across as terribly spoiled, we were home four days before we were off on a family cruise to Mexico. I know, I know, that is ridiculous. But really, there was a brief window where all eighteen of us could go on an epic adventure on board the good ship glorious. We could not miss out on an experience like that for something as silly as money.

-   And since we were already in party mode, some of us made a stop at Disneyland on our drive home from the port in Long Beach. Nothing like cramming it all in.

-   And so May closed with Cory and I back in our cozy little home, determining on a season of working hard.

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  1. May would definitely be a hard month to beat!!!


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