Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Recap

I feel as if summer were quickly fading away. School starts up here on Monday, which doesn’t impact me at all except to give me that sad realization that summer is quickly waning. It is silly to ponder though, because it is the first of August and a bright beautiful summer day outside. July flew by in much the same manner as June. Busy.

-   Cory is still working in Mammoth (hopefully for only a few more weeks yay!) and so I have still been spending my midweek at my parents house. We have developed quite a jolly little routine. Here is how our days go:
     -Coffee time before work
     -Coffee time after work and working out
     -We sit on my parent’s bed and sing along with my dad and his guitar just like we did when we were kids. “Cripple Creek” is a daily must, of course.
     -We, all four of us, lay on my parents bed to watch a mystery of our choice (sometimes with oil in our    mouths as oil pulling has been a new trend of mine, and sometimes with oil on our faces as oil cleansing is also very popular in our household right now, but more on those fun remedies later).
      Yes, it has been a fun season being a kid again.

-   Despite all of the activities that have kept us super busy, we made three day trips down to the beach. According to my dad’s philosophy, it is a discipline to take a day off from routine and work and go down to the beach. And so we have been very disciplined this month.

-   Cory and I attended his brother’s quiet little wedding ceremony and so welcomed a new member into our family.

-   I was second shooter at my second wedding with Fresh From God Photography. I felt less nervous this time and more comfortable with what I was doing. It was an amazing venue and wonderful experience.

-   I have spent the month with a lot to think about in regards to plans for the future. God has opened up several amazing opportunities that we are pursuing and just waiting for him to guide us by opening and shutting those doors according to his perfect plan for our life. But whatever the future holds for us, I am enjoying the ride tremendously and learning from the manifold experiences He is bringing my way.

And so, bring on August. I have a feeling it is going to be an exciting month.


  1. Hopefully Cory will be back home with you before long. Enjoy those family moments though, they are precious!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angie! I have been totally out of the blogging loop but not anymore! Yes, I miss the hubby, but I am taking full advantage of the family time : )


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