Friday, May 8, 2015

The Moment That Changed My Life

I have never been the type to ever want to hear other’s birth stories. Everyone told me that after I had the baby I would change. I would love to swap stories. I would long to tell everyone all about mine, because it will be something so great that I have achieved. It truly is the greatest thing that I have achieved…. But I still don’t really care to share any of the details. Just the way that long night and day ended.

Oh the ending…. That is what I want to share with everyone. The moment that I wish I could relive over and over, when they placed that amazing little baby on my chest. I wish that I could describe the feeling. I suppose other mothers know. They must, because when they were trying to tell me what it would be like beforehand they would stop talking and just say, “you will know when you experience it”. So true.
I never thought I would want a camera in the room when I was having a baby. I never thought I would want to see pictures of my exhausted self right after the fact. I am just so thankful that my mother knew better. The pictures she captured are the most memorable pictures I have. It is the closest thing I can get to reliving that moment when I first saw my baby… and when he first saw me.

Levi was alert from the moment he came out…. They placed him on my chest and he just stared at me for a full twenty minutes. He did not cry, he just looked at me as if recognizing my heartbeat and my voice. He knew I was his mommy and we looked at each other and bonded. Such a special moment.

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