Saturday, August 15, 2015

What I am Loving

My little Levi, my precious angel, is already three months old. At the risk of sounding redundant I must express my concern at my inability to effectively describe all of the amazing moments I experience with my baby. It is late, and I am tired. But I spent a few minutes this evening watching some videos of 2 week old Levi. Oh how difficult it is to see the gradual changes that are taking place every day, until I look back at the tiny baby he once was. It really hurts my heart to think of the inevitable passing of time. Life is not easy, even the best parts about it bring pain. Without any more ado, I am just going to jot down a few things I am loving about this 3 month old season.

1.      I love when Levi sees me and I can watch the recognition and joy on his face. He has really grown to know and love his mommy, and it melts my heart.
2.      My favorite thing has been when I catch my sweet boy looking at me with the most loving expression, even when I am not looking. I feel the need to drop whatever I am doing so that I can live in that moment, where his love for me is written so clearly in his sweet little face.
3.      I love when he first wakes up from a good nap in his car seat and he is just staring down with his fat cheeks and huge eyes. The expression on his face makes me laugh to think about. I will have to make sure I get a picture of it.
4.      When Levi is hungry and I am just getting ready to feed him, it is the cutest thing the way he opens his mouth as wide as it will go, waiting for his food. So sweet.
5.      When he is getting full while nursing or he is getting distracted he has been smiling at me from his place at my chest. Sweetest moment.
6.      The cutest thing ever. Levi loves to tell his dad about his day. He talks to me too, all the time. But there is something different when he talks to his dad. When Cory gets home from work and spends some time with Levi, he looks in his eyes and just starts talking. It is really as if he wanted to tell his daddy all about everything that he did with mommy that day. So sweet.
7.      A few days ago Levi was having a hard time going down for a nap. After letting him fuss and whine for a while I came to comfort him. I rubbed his head and started singing to him. His eyes just locked on mine and he smiled. After a few minutes his eyes started getting heavy and he would close them a second, only to open them right back up to find my eyes and smile. He did that several times before he finally gave in and drifted off in to sweet baby dreamland.
8.      When he is in a really happy mood and gets excited he occasionally lets out the most adorable, abrupt little giggle. His whole body reacts with happiness. It is as if he cannot contain his excitement. It is enough to make me laugh out of joy every time.
9.      I love the way his little hand rubs or pats my chest while he is nursing. Such special moments the two of have together while he nurses.
10.   Sometimes he gets the sweetest little shy smile. He will be smiling big and then blink really slowly and look down before looking back at you. As if he wasn’t already ridiculously cute, I can just see what a sweet little nature he has.
Down the line when my memory begins to fade in regards to all the little things my baby does, at least I will remember some of these precious moments. The moments that life is made of. I can hear the faint breathing of my sweet baby and the not quite as faint breathing of his daddy. I think it is time for me to join them. Such a wonderfully blessed life.

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  1. He is WAY too cute! I cannot wait to snuggle the baby next week!!!


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