Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Bedtime Story

I rocked my baby to sleep tonight. Because of my determination to have a baby who goes to sleep on his own, I have not often does so; which is probably why this evening made such an impact on me. There is nothing like being a mom when your baby is crying hysterically and the minute you pull him up into your arms he quiets down and snuggles into your neck. I could hear his quick breathes as he was trying to calm himself down. I just held that precious little being in my arms in the darkness and started singing “how he loves us” and rocked him back and forth. His little hand found my face and neck in sweet baby caresses. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could just barely make out his heavy little eyes looking up to where he could hear his mommy’s voice. It wasn’t long before I was crying in the darkness…silly girl. It was a great combination of things… a heavy heart at how quickly the time is passing, pain at the thought of my sweet baby being too big to rock to sleep, gratefulness that I am the one who is able to comfort him above all else, pride in being the mom of precious Levi. I rocked him and held him close to my heart long after he fell asleep.

I had to take a moment tonight to jot down this memory because I know all too well how quickly it will fade. It hurts me to think of how many special moments I have already had with Levi that will fall by the wayside on this road called life.

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  1. So beautiful Jonni! You are such a wonderful mommy!


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