Thursday, September 17, 2015

Four Months Have Come and Gone

Well my baby's four month birthday has come and gone. He is getting bigger and more interactive every day. I am having such fun watching his little personality develop. He has the sweetest little nature. I cannot even describe the joy that this little boy has brought to my life.
I am going to take a minute to jot down a few memories I want to treasure.

Levi smiles and laughs all the time. Especially at me, oh how wonderful to be the mommy of Levi. He thinks I am pretty awesome. He thinks I am funny.

As far as all of his little accomplishments... he has rolled over three times. None of which I observed. It was almost as if his body flipped around and then he wasn't sure what happened. The last time he just looked at me at me and laughed. Although I missed the actual rolling over, his sweet little look and laugh was just the most precious thing.

The other night when he was crying quite a bit at bed time I went in to comfort him. I pat his back and bent down so my face was close to his and just started praying for him. He locked eyes on me and smiled a little and then just stared. It was as if he was listening to every word I was saying. I was speaking God's promises over his life and scripture over his future and he loved it.

Levi loves to look at himself in the mirror. He must think he is pretty cute because he always has a smile when he stares into his own eyes.

It has probably been a month now that he has become very interested in sucking. Everything goes into his mouth. It is pretty funny sometimes. When I go to kiss his face he turns his head quickly to try to clamp his little gums down on something.

This morning I pulled him in bed with me early so we could snuggle a little bit. He stopped crying instantly, started sucking his thumb and then just ran his other hand up and down my face. Those are the moments in motherhood I want to treasure forever.

Every morning we have time talking and playing in bed before we start the day. I have always done "so big" with him ever since his legs were strong enough (which was at like 2 or 3 weeks). Now he loves it. Whenever I grab his hands and start saying "how big is Levi" he smiles the biggest smile in expectation.

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  1. He is getting so big and he is just so adorable!! Love that little guy!!


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