Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kali and David say, "I Do"

I had the privilege of capturing Kali and David's big day on June 26th. And what a spectacular day it was indeed. The bride and all her guest were threatened with fire, evacuation, helicopters, rain, hail, oil spills, and who knows what else. A family that could have been overcome with stress seemed to laugh at how ridiculous it all seemed and continued with their preparations. I admit that I felt a sense of foreboding as I drove to the site of the beautiful outdoor wedding and found that the clouds were opening up to drop their showers upon the event. And yet, when the ceremony hour came it was as if a calm came over the whole place. The sky was clear the helicopters had stopped, and the family and friends made it up safely. It was a beautiful ceremony followed my a wonderful reception. The rain clouds made for an amazing sunset and the ambiance of the whole place rang with happiness for the newlyweds.

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