Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Out of the Ordinary Day

Creative writing continues!

Well Johnson and I had a very challenging but fun time working on our first project. I must say that my little bro's "Blue Bicycle" was so creative and heart wrenching that he really must take the cake for "A Life Changing Experience."

Apparently we are of a similar bent of mind based on the content of our two stories. Both on the melancholy side (his far more than mine), both pointing to what really matters most in life. But I suppose the topic lent itself to a more serious composition.

Just because we have taken many weeks, doesn't mean we are giving up on our creative writing challenge. I will post both of our responses to a prompt every month on the "writer's corner" page. This month is going to be, "An Out of the Ordinary Day." Easier said than done, that is for sure (not that Johnson hasn't already informed me that he has a good idea). I am still awaiting my own brilliant idea, but it will come, even if I have to force it from my mind to my fingertips.

I have a feeling the content of this assignment will be on the lighter, more amusing side. But that is just a hunch. We will see what comes of it next Wednesday.

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