Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funny things teenagers do.... at least I did

Day 17 of Blogtember: Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made. I didn't have the inspiration for a picture to grace this post. Then I came across this photo I took of my cute little niece and I thought she looked so..."Oops, I look so cute so you will forgive whatever I did, right?"

A mistake I made…. So once when I was a youngin of about seventeen (which, when I think about it now, seems quite old for this sort of behavior, but oh well, some people are late bloomers), I was sitting on the island in my parent’s kitchen eating ice cream. Don’t ask me why I was doing that, because in retrospect, I hardly know.

My friend thought it would be funny to push me around on the island (I guess it was more like a table because it had wheels). So I just sat there, eating my ice cream… oh those were the days when my metabolism was like that of a ten year old boy… but that is a side note.

My friend pushed me down the hall and alas, the wheels of the table got caught on a chink in the floor and the whole ensemble, the table top, the legs, the ice cream, and me (a very full grown woman), went crashing to the floor. I was pretty relaxed about the situation. I just sat there on the floor and continued eating my ice cream. From what I hear, it was a comical spectacle. 

So I screwed up. Somehow I broke my mom’s workspace in the kitchen. After a few moments consideration, we quickly realized the beauty of the situation: nobody else was home.

With that in mind, we put the table and the legs back together as best we could (which really means that we positioned everything in such a way as it looked like it was in once piece, but it definitely was not). I got a book, sat on the couch, and waited for events to unfold. 

One of my sisters got home and headed for the kitchen. She was on the phone with my mom at the time. I watched her eagerly, wondering if she was going to set anything heavy on the reconstructed table. Alas, it didn’t even take that. She bumped it slightly and the next thing I heard was a great crash and my sister standing there by the ruins of our furniture with panic in her face. 

When she was able to get some coherent words out I heard her explaining to my mom on the phone that she had broken the table somehow, and she was sorry. 

I couldn't contain my laughter anymore.

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