Saturday, September 21, 2013

Staying Fit in the Sticks

Well I have once more locked up my cozy little house for yet another adventure. I honestly don’t think that I have spent half the summer at home. If Cory and I were not off in Europe we were off working on Tough Mudder (well one of us was doing the working part anyway), and if we were not on Tough Mudder we were enjoying the beautiful California beaches in the summer. What a life.

And so I have found myself once more nestled in a cozy tent when it is 30 degrees outside. Freezing, yet strangely cozy.

Anyway, I have been faced with a fitness trial. I am a gym girl. That is what I do. I get into a routine and I happily spend my hours working out. But you pull me out of my environment and…ugh.

My sisters and I pledged that this trip we would not let our good habits die away so easily. And so we started the squat + challenge. 50 squats a day, add five every day for a month (who needs a break on the third day… just suck it up and do your squats), in addition to running, sit ups, push-ups, and triceps dips.
Four days in and we are still going strong.

That is a complete full body workout… without weights or any other equipment (though I do suggest an ipod for a faster run time).

So, no excuses. If we can stay fit while we are camping in the middle of nowhere in below freezing weather with five crazy (but wonderful) children, so can you. Set yourself some goals, make yourself a little workout list. Or you can just give ours a try for 30 days… yes THIRTY :)
 -          3 mile run
-          50 squats (add five every day)
-          Thirty pushups (add one every day)
-          Thirty triceps dips (add one every day)
-          250 crunches

By the way… we do our squats holding one of my HUGE baby nephews. So find yourself a baby and give it a whirl :)

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  1. Great post Jonni. I love the pictures of those adorable grandchildren of mine! You are inspiring us all to stay fit and start writing too!


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