Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Recap

Spring has officially sprung! We have been graced by the wonderful sunshine in the mountains I call home. I know I must sound quite redundant but wow, this year is just flying by. April went by in a quick succession of happy and busy moments. It is just life. And a happy life indeed. 

Here are a few of our highlights of the lovely month of April:

-Cory celebrated his 28th birthday. Crazy… and to think we started dating when he was a little boy of nineteen. For his birthday we stayed the night at our resort in Anaheim along with my parents. Cory’s parents met us at Disneyland and we all had such a wonderful day together.

-We spent A LOT of time driving up and down the hill for our scuba class. Still totally freaked out by this. But I am conquering it!

-I studied a lot and took my last exam before starting my teaching program. Yay!

-I bombed my parents little anniversary getaway to Palm Springs (am I a terrible daughter???) for one night. We had a lovely time talking and enjoying the sunshine.

-And last but most definitely not least…. We began our trip to the Dominican Republic!!! More on that wonderful adventure later.

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