Friday, May 2, 2014

I Did It

Wow these last few days were crazy days. Our first day down at the dive center I felt pretty good… until we were under water. I didn’t mind the ocean. I didn’t mind the depth. I didn’t even mind the fish. It was just the irritations with my mask. Trust me, you want to be able to see while you are under water, and getting water in my mask is just the worst thing. To top it all off, the sunscreen and salt water mixture burned my eyes like crazy. By the time we were done I felt worse, not better and dreading the next two dives with a weird kind of panic.

And then the next two came and went. Cory so kindly let me use his mask which made a world of difference. The dives were easy, I was more relaxed, and they were almost a little enjoyable. They were done, I felt relief, we finished our course. Hooray.

And then Cory decided that we should take an excursion to a nearby island and do TWO real recreational dives. Oh dear….

I swallowed hard, we booked the trip. And yesterday we spent a couple hours in the deep blue ocean.

I was so nervous! But before I knew it we were going down, down, down. We hit a depth of forty feet. And yet the top of the water always seemed to be right there. The clarity was astounding. As long as my equipment was not bothering me, I felt rather relaxed. It is a pretty neat experience, being weightless and just floating along. We saw all sorts of amazing sea life. We even touched some of the crazy animals (under the supervision and encouragement of our dive master of course).

Never in my life would I have thought that I would allow other eyes to behold the awkwardness that these pictures are. But then again, never in my life would I have thought that I would become a certified scuba diver… so there is that.

So, having said that, I am going to post these crazy pictures that Cory and I took over the week in all of our underwater adventures. It is definitely not my best look…. But few people in the world can achieve that awkward look at the bottom of the ocean. So there it is. And so, because I am actually rather proud of this accomplishment, I am going to give you a little peak at the wet suit, mask, regulator fashion statement….


  1. Awesome pictures Jonni! you both look like pros.

  2. If I looked like that I would post all those pictures too you booby. But good job!

  3. Great pictures Jonni! Congratulations. You did it! I'm very proud of you. So glad you are having such a wonderful time.

  4. Whoa! What a cool experience! I'm not sure I would ever be brave enough to scuba dive, but it must feel totally surreal!

  5. Looks like it was amazing and freaky at the same time. 40 feet??? Haha yeah I can understand how you must have felt. All those creatures are in with you too. Hehe


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