Sunday, May 11, 2014

What You Really Need and What You Don't

I don’t like to spend extra money unnecessarily. I am just throwing that out there. So whenever Cory and I travel domestically, we squeeze everything into a couple small carry ons and call it good. Because I am so accustomed to that, it is a special treat to check bags. So…. When I packed for our recent trip, let’s just say that I did not pack light.

After my first few days I was chuckling to myself while rummaging through my bags. Here is a little list to give you some guidance so that your husband doesn’t tell you to pack lighter next time.

You do not need to bring:

1.  A running jacket. Yeah right.
2.  Twelve shirts
3.  Three bras. I was going to say bras in general… but that might be a little outrageous. But you definitely don’t need three.
4.  Six pairs of shoes. Yeah…. Flip flops and tennis and you are good.
5.  A leather jacket
6.  Three sweaters
7.  Two pairs of jeans
8.  Yoga pants (which is crazy because I am a yoga pant lover. But I did not touch those babies once. It was just so perfectly warm)
9.  Makeup. (maybe a tad if you really care but seriously I was in and out of the water all day)
10.  Fancy dress (although…. I confess I did end up wearing this two nights before we left. But I could have done without it)
11.  Jewelry.

This list will probably not be the same for those who are primpers. I am certainly not. I am fairly well known for infrequent hair brushing, and I rarely wear makeup. I was shocked at looking around at the other girls on the beach to discover that most did their hair, put makeup on, and some BROUGHT A BRUSH down to the beach. Oh that is just bondage. In my oh so humble opinion, the list of must haves is short and sweet.

All you really need for a perfectly wonderful trip:
1. Bathing Suit
2. Sun dress
3. Sun hat
4. Sunglasses
5. Sunscreen
6. Book
7. Toothbrush
8. Running attire

At least I think that’s a pretty good place to start.


  1. My biggest motivation to pack light is the fact that I detest unpacking--so, mostly laziness leads me to do with the bare minimum on trips.

    1. Ha ha I am with you there. The endless laundry!

  2. just found your blog from Rachel's side bar - that means only 1 thing, if you like Rachel, you must be cool! haha. hence the reason I'm now following you! By the way, I'm an over-packer. If only people will listen to us and learn from our mistakes. ha

  3. So true! I recently went The Bahamas and normally I don't over pack but somehow this time I thought, "Well! It's so far away I certainly don't want to forget something and have to buy it..." I didn't forget anything and I certainly did need everything I brought, but I still wasn't one of those needing to brush their hair on the beach lol! Craziness. I'm with you on the infrequent hair brushing and light make up wearing.


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