Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 Things I Love About Flying

1.Snacks. I don’t even mean the snacks they give you. I mean… whenever you are going on a plane you make a stop at Trader Joes and load up on all of your favorite snacks. I am sure the subconscious logic goes something like this, “hey, you are going to need something to do in case Les Miserables is enumerating yet again on the history of the cloister… EAT!” Am I alone in my principles here?
2.The excited feeling you get in the pit of your tummy that you are going on an adventure. You could be heading to Europe, the tropics, a wedding, or even home…. But for me, wherever I am going, it is somewhere I want to be and therefore relish the anticipation.

3.Activities. It may seem funny, but ever since I was little I have thought it was so much fun to pack all of the fun activities I was going to do on the plane. Cards, soduku, movies, books… it is just fun to have that chunk of time set aside to doing any of those things you want. And I am sure rummy is all the more fun when accompanied by the aforementioned feeling of adventure.

4.Being with someone you care about. Whether you are sitting next to each other or one in front of the other. It is fun to pop your head over the seat and catch each other’s eyes full of excitement, or squeeze the knee next to you fifteen times because you are overflowing with anticipation. Sharing the experience. All of the little things.

5.The people you see. Now I am not one who is going to enter into a lengthy conversation with a stranger. However, I do like watching people. Observing where they are going, where they are coming from, the walks of life they are in. Cory and I like to try to figure out what people’s story is. The airport is one of the best places to do that (especially when you are flying internationally).

How do you feel about flying?


  1. I definitely pack fun activities and snacks when I'm flying somewhere!

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who stops at Trader Joes before flying! I always thought I was the crazy lady boarding the plane with my purse full of random food haha.


  3. I hate flying but I love travel snacks. lol I sometimes go to Cost Plus first to get some more exotic things. :-)


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