Friday, April 18, 2014

8 Reasons Why This Rocks My Kitchen

I am almost ashamed to admit what my first reaction was when I opened my birthday gift and discovered that my husband got me a Vitamix. I thought, “oh my, our marriage has already reached the point where appliances are acceptable gifts.”

What a naïve girl I was.

I very quickly discovered that my Vitamix is much more than an "appliance." It rocks. It rocks every appliance in my kitchen. It rocks most gifts anyone will get or give. A friend of mine at church laughed when I got a little mouthy after she referred to it as merely “a blender.” Oh. no. it. is. not.

I do not mean to incite envy in those who do not own a Vitamix. It just required a little intro before I go into the top reasons why I am loving my Vitamix these days.

This is just a short list of my favorite things. I will usually do at least two or three of these every day.

I am going to have to start with a string of awesome milk substitutes. I always have at least one of these in my fridge (usually all three) and if not, I have the ingredients in my cupboard and can whip it up in less than three minutes.

1. Fresh coconut milk. No preservatives or additives. Just coconut (straight out of the shell) and water. HEAVENLY. And so good for you.

2. Fresh almond milk. Pretty much the same deal as the coconut but with raw almonds. Delicious and packed with protein.

3. Fresh rice milk. Throw some cooked brown rice and water and there you have it. And an abundance of healthy options for milk substitutes.

4. Hummus. Cory is really into hummus and vegetables. Our farmers market has some amazing humus, but it goes for five dollars for a tiny container. I decided that I can make some that is just as amazing. And it is so easy!

5. Freshly ground wheat. This is just my favorite. My mom always had a wheat grinder when I was growing up. My Vitamix does the same thing. It will grind the whole wheat as fine as I want. I have been able to make all sorts of delicious homemade bread that never rose well with whole wheat flour.

6. Those who have never seen a Vitamix will be astounded by this one. TEN minute HOT soup!! Plus, the nutrients stay within all of your ingredients since you are not cooking them through, just heating them up. Broccoli cheddar, tomato bisque. Tasty and most of all, quick!

7.  Now, as for using this merely as a blender… I do this every day and I am so thankful for it! I didn’t realize how accustomed I was to having this awesome machine blend up my protein shake every morning in a minute until I was away from home. While staying at one of our resorts a few weeks ago I used their blender to make my usual protein shake. It was such a bad experience it literally almost put me in a bad mood! It took ten minutes and I was still chewing large clumps of banana and honey while drinking my smoothie. Not a pleasant experience. God bless the Vitamix.

8.  One of the reasons why this is truly the most convenient tool is because it is so insanely easy to clean. It doesn’t matter what was in there, stick some hot water and some soap and it becomes its own dishwasher.

So there is a little Vitamix love for you. I could go on about all of the wonderful things that it is useful for, such as pureeing and chopping, or perhaps some of my homemade Vitamix recipes, but I will stop here for now. The moral  to the story is, my husband knew better than I did. I love this thing. 


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Last night I made my own raw food bars in my Vitamix, my kids love them and so much cheaper than buying them for $1.29 or more a piece. Great post and so true.

    1. I want to make those. I want those.

  2. hahaha--that's awesome that you have come to love it so much. I just have a normal blender, I've never experienced the miracle of Vitamix!

    1. I wish that I could transport one of my own creations - some delicious coconut-berry honey sorbet. Then you could experience the miracle of the Vitamix :)

  3. Doesn't it also make ice cream? I need to look into one of these!


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