Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some People Call Us Spoiled

It’s true. They do. And somehow I don’t mind. Last year when one of the ladies at the gym (a believer in the value of “playing” in life, and therefore kindred spirit) found out I was going to Europe for five weeks, she smiled and said, “you are a bigger brat than I am!” I laughed, whatever you want to call it…yes I am.

Yes, Cory and I have a bit of a reputation for being party animals. Just a few weeks ago someone at church was stating that we are always about to be going somewhere. I am not going to lie, I was very glad I was able to tell him, “well we are headed to the Caribbean next month.”

Our priorities are just a little bit different than most peoples. It is not like we are rich. We are just careful with our money so that we can spend it where we feel it is important. We have very simple principles we live by in our household. We work hard and we play hard. We drive old cars that are paid off, we rent a charming little house, we are by no means extravagant.

But we do go to a lot of awesome places. Memories. Experiences. Living. That is where our money goes.

Sometimes Cory and I look at a map and talk about all of the places we want to go someday. I don’t know how many we will really get to, but talking about it and dreaming together is part of the fun.

And you know the thing that really sets a fire inside of me? I realize that this is only a season. There will come a time when I will not care so much about seeing the world (hard to imagine). My priorities will shift inevitably so that the home has the greatest draw. All the more reason to seize the moment and enjoy all of these amazing experiences we are able to do together.

My parents still always tell us kids stories about the year they lived abroad, five of those months spent living in Israel. I always think, “man you guys are so cool!” I want to have those stories to share with my kids in the hope that it will inspire them to get outside of this little society we live in and get a little educated on the rest of the world.

I wouldn’t have known how much I love goat cheese if I had never been to Paris. I would never have developed an appreciation for red wine if I had never been to Venice. History has never been so real to me as it was when I walked the streets of Rome. A love for a classical education was developed in Europe… and its value is totally underestimated in our society. I want to give that to my kids.

So having said that… Cory and I have taken several wonderful trips in our three years of marriage. And each one has brought us closer together in a way I would not have foreseen.

2011 Our honeymoon: Mazatlan

2012 Our 2nd Honeymoon: Puerto Vallarta and Cabo

2013 European Tour: England, France, Italy, Greece

2013 Family Cruise: Catalina and Ensenada

2014 This month. Punta Cana, DR!!!


  1. so much fun!!! :) now my travel bug has awakened! :)

    1. You have to be careful with that bug. Once you awaken it, it doesn't want to go back to sleep!

  2. I've only traveled internationally with my husband once, though I expect that will change in the future. It's funny, the different seasons of life people go through. When I was little, my own parents lived a very normal life, house in a small-town, bunch of kids, stay-at-home-mom...but since then, they've turned into having a completely different lifestyle--my baby sisters were in Paris and London with my parents in the last couple of months, and my Dad's traveled in well over 20 countries with his work....I look back and laugh to see how much has changed! Who knows, maybe your focus on traveling will never die!

    1. It is really amazing to see how unexpectedly seasons can change and become something totally unforeseen! What a fun life that your parents lead! I see both sides of it, because I was also raised in a small town with a stay at home (homeschooler) mom. And my husband and I still live in the same my adventurous spirit has an appreciation for home as well :)

  3. My husband and I are the same way! Gotta do it while ya can! I'm looking forward to reading more about your travels; maybe will we be inspired on where to go next!


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