Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Recap

Bright and early (or should I say dark and early) this morning I was delaying the inevitable of having to climb out of my cozy bed. 

After Cory got out of the shower he said, “come on, time to start another day.” 

I was like, “Again??? How does this happen so quickly?!”

That is life. Every day comes and goes so fast. 

I feel that same way when I think about how quickly March came and went. The month closed a few days ago and I am here, trying to figure out what I have to show for the month!

Oh well…. I think I ramble about the sad passing of time frequently. So I will bypass all of my lamentations in this department.  

I am going to continue with my monthly recap. This idea was first started over at The Lady Okie and I got it from Robyn's Nest. How fun is this whole blogging thing?!

March was filled with all of the busy elements which make up this happy life. I feel like all I did was work and study… but there was some fun stuff mixed in too.

I took a whirlwind trip to the beach with my dad. My sister, nieces and nephews, and mom were staying at the beach for a few nights. My dad and I bombed down to visit for one night. I ran on the beach and got some sun. The best part was driving to and from the beach talking with my dad. 

I studied a lot. I spent many days and evenings doing nothing but working out, eating, and studying. But, it paid off, yay. I am one small step closer to starting my teaching program.

In honor of one of my sister’s birthday, we took a girl’s trip to Palm Springs for one night. All five of us sisters and my mom (and one little nephew) left straight from church to the warmth and sunshine of the desert. It was glorious. 

Cory did a few stints working off the mountain. Instead of staying home alone, I took the opportunity of staying with my parents for a night here and there. Missy and I laid between them in the the bed and watched Poirot just like old times. When mom came to say goodnight to me she said, "goodnight my baby. My baby at home." Sometimes, it is nice to go back to being a kid again... even for a moment.


  1. awesome that you're getting closer to starting the teaching program!!! and i totally agree that it is nice to be a kid again for a day!


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