Friday, April 11, 2014

Food, Weather, and Chaos

It has been a long time since I have participated with Darcy and the other ladies for Five on Friday. I thought today was a good day to talk about a few things that I have been loving lately (and one that I kinda am hating on... not gonna lie). My first thought of what I am loving always goes to food without fail. I do really enjoy food. Someday I will do one solely devoted to food...sounds fun.  

But anyway, today I will just stick with the stuff going on this week.

Eggs. I have never really loved eggs. But I have been reading about how good they are for you and sometimes it’s hard to find things to eat that make me feel good and fill me up. It is weird, I know, but so it goes. And so these days something strange happened and I am weirdly into eggs. Not just any eggs though… I have been making them so delicious. Make it just like this and you will love them too:
2 scrambled eggs
A little salt and as much Cayenne as you can handle (so good for your brain!)
Some marinated artichoke hearts
Sundried tomatoes soaked in oil
A little heap of goat cheese on top.
Trust me, this is a delicious concoction. 

Photography. I was so blessed this last week to have a little instructional session with an amazing photographer. Rebecca from Fresh From God Photography is a kindred spirit who has done three shoots for Cory and me and I love every photo! It was such a pleasure to get some pointers and critique from someone with such talent and such a creative eye.

Spring! Yay! I love spring. I have a view of the ski slopes from my deck and I love to see the snow slowly melting away every week. Spring is just such a motivating time for me. I feel like I want to organize my house and throw stuff away. I feel inspired to work on my beach body. I get to run outside. I have the whole wonderful summer to look forward to. It just the best time of the year!
Photoshop. Yeah…. So if I had been consistent with this since I first determined to work on it months ago (when I first went the library and procured this heap of books), I would probably be a pro editor by now! But I am making progress slowly. I have been working on it, studying, and getting advice.. And I have been having such fun with it!
My Fridge. This is not actually something that I am loving at the moment. This is more a cry for help. It is a constant source of frustration because my fridge is mostly packed full of produce and so it never looks neat and organized. I have green things and carrots and beats sticking out of every end. I feel like I am (for the most part) a neat person. But the minute I organize my fridge something happens (I don’t even know what, I go shopping, or we can’t find something) and it is chaos again. My big weekend task will be to turn the whole fridge situation around. Help!
Have a happy Friday everyone!

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