Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pleasant Place of all Festivity

Our time in Venice is rapidly drawing to a close. We have very diligently seen all of the important sights and explored the city. 

We both agree that the best part about this city has been wandering through the streets, going over bridges, happening upon shops, and ending up in a little café by the water. The romance of the city is so poignant wherever you are, provided you are willing to feel it. 

Yesterday I had a very important task. Cory insisted that we could not leave Venice until he bought me an Italian leather purse. My patient husband walked with me into shop after shop, trying on purse after purse, modeling them in the mirror to see if they “spoke to me”. Well, Cory is thankful that I found one I love and we are done with our serious shopping…till Florence. 

Today was spent in visiting the last great church on our list, having cappuccinos at our favorite café, and walking the now well known routes around our residence. 

We will truly miss this place. We have made many good memories and have lots of great pictures to remind of us of our happy week wandering the canals of the romantic watery city; "The pleasant place of all festivity, The revel of the earth."

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