Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Journey to Devon

A little cottage in the southwest of England was our destination as we packed up the car on a very bleak English morning. Two hundred miles in California is certainly a little distance…. But one that we could very well cover a round trip journey on the same day. Not so in England. As we road along the beautiful English countryside we were often wondering whether we were on a freeway, highway, country road, residential lane, or yes…a driveway. Occasionally we would be speeding along and then suddenly we were smack dab in the middle of a village which has probably been around for five hundred years. Cory is continually shocked by how narrow the roads are here. Two way roads very often only allow for one car to pass at a time.
All of the beautiful sights that English countryside has to offer make it quite impossible to get to one’s destination directly. 

We stopped in a lovely wood for a picnic lunch. Happily the clouds parted for twenty minutes so that we could sit outside and enjoy a few minutes of sunshine. Just when I was finishing my second cup of English tea (In England, a proper picnic will always include a few thermos’ of tea), the heavens opened and the rain began torrentially. 

The second stop we made was not any better than the first… but it was so anticipated by our hosts that Cory and I were quite curious and eager. They kept referring to the “surprise stop”. Sure enough, Cory and I had to keep our eyes closed in the car for ten minutes as we drove through various lanes until they parked the car just right to behold the spectacular view. I cannot describe the view… It will speak for itself. It provided me with a good chuckle as I thought of Steve’s amusement and excitement to show Cory and I.
I will only say that the plaque said it was 350 years old, but it is certainly well maintained by some organization who finds it important.  

Imagine mine and Cory’s surprise and amusement as we were carefully guided out of the car by the hand, with strict instructions to keep our eyes closed, to behold this… The famous Cerne giant.

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