Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goodbye Greece. Hello Italy!

Our final stop in Greece brought us to the mainland in a little port town called Katakolon. After our positive experience on a scooter Cory and I were eager to rent another one and make the forty minute trek to Olympia. 

I am sure this would have been a brilliant idea…if t weren’t for the ominous clouds that threatened above. Oh well, we went ahead and rented it. 

I must say it seemed like a very long journey going there. Cars and buses were continually passing us. It was cold and then suddenly the clouds decided to pour forth the rain. But we made it, and what a wonderful time did we have in Olympia. 

We visited the ruins of the original Olympic Games (dating back as far as 700 BC), one of them being one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world, The Temple of Zeus. It was absolutely amazing. Cory and I have not stopped talking about how unfathomable all of the history is in that place.
We visited the museum and were able to read all about the games and specific instances in history that took place there.

We were both secretly dreaded the drive back to Katakolon. We got some lattes in a little cafĂ© to warm ourselves and prepare for the journey. However we were pleasantly surprised. The ride was charming, with no rain and even a little bit of sunshine. 

Katakolon had something very wonderful to offer as well. While wandering through the charming little streets we happened upon a gyro place. We had gotten gyros in every island at least once. They were all good but I had this issue with great expectations regarding my gyro. Thus far I had been disappointed until this point. It was perfection in a Greek gyro. We each ate one and then went back for more… Cory ate three.

And so ended our Grecian experiences. Onto Italy! 

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