Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thoughts on Marriage (A quick ‘aside’ from our trip)

I am feeling inspired by the happiness that can be found in a good marriage at this moment. It is partly due to the level of happiness that I am currently feeling and partly from dwelling on some wonderful lines from “Pride and Prejudice” that I have taken up this train of thought. 

I was writing in my journal, effusively relaying all of the wonderful things Cory and I have been doing. Without even thinking I was letting my words flow across the page. I looked back on one particular statement that I wrote read, “we are having so much fun together. There really is nothing better than a good marriage”. And so then my journaling about places and memories progressed to ideas regarding life and marriage. I feel so extremely blessed in my marriage and I am just so thankful! 

I was reading Lizzy’s lamentations regarding her new understanding of how well her and Mr. Darcy would have fit, had she accepted his proposals. (no matter how many times I read that book, something always strikes me as new and wonderful. I really do feel like the girls from The Jane Austen book club sometimes). The description of two people, so dissimilar and yet so fitting, is beautiful. 

I then thought of Lydia’s situation. Lizzy wonders “how little of permanent happiness could belong to a couple who were only brought together because their passions were stronger than their virtue”. This description of an improper relationship heightens the idea of a happy marriage. And so we have a picture of marriage as it ought to be, with a solid foundation of virtue and a couple who perfectly balance the idiosyncrasies of their partner. 

This is a happy beginning for Lizzy and Darcy, and a happy beginning for Cory and me. A good marriage will provide many wonderful things, not the least of these being a friend to travel around Europe with; many laughs together at the expense of the crazy Europeans; a foot rub after a strenuous day of sightseeing; a work out partner; someone who will walk half a mile in the rain carrying your laptop so that you can talk to your family; someone to dance with under the stars on the top deck after recognizing the faint sound of Armstrong singing “what a wonderful world”… 

Yes… there truly is nothing better than a good marriage!

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