Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here’s To a Body in the Library

Our adventure for today consisted of a ferry boat ride across to Agatha Christie’s summer home, Greenway. And quite a place it was. Complete with acres of gardens, various houses, an old boat house, and 1800’s pool house. Several of Agatha Christie’s works were based at and inspired by Greenway.

As we were touring through Agatha’s home we came across a beautiful Steinway baby grand; her old piano. Many of the other tourists wandering around the sitting room were asking each other if anyone could play. When everyone in the room denied the ability they looked across at Cory and I standing there and asked if we could play. I assented that I could play a little and “very ill indeed” these days (yes, I really said that. Being in England makes one unconsciously talk like Lizzy). And so I sat down and played a little ditty on the beautiful antique piano. 

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