Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leaving Venice

Well internet access has been few and far between. We are five days into our tour of the Greek islands, and are having an AMAZING time.

We are currently in a little town called Katakolon about a half hour outside of Olympia, Greece. I am sitting in an internet cafe on a little street (luckily covered above because it suddenly started pouring rain). This is a charming place because we sit on the computer and they bring us gyros... a beautiful arrangement. Side note, gyros are as amazing and wonderful as I remember.

I will post pictures of the various islands that we have been on once I have more time. I will start from the beginning now by posting a few pictures of our departure port.

We only got a tiny glimpse of the canals as we were walking through to the port. My love of the city was reawakened all over again at the site. It makes me excited for the coming week.

Leaving the port in Venice provided a view that I have never seen of the city. Hands down the most spectacular port to leave from.

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