Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Venice by Night

Cory just went out to get us some snacks at the store and so I am going to take the opportunity of capturing a few memories of our night time exploits. I just have to note before continuing, that at the time of my writing, a gondolier is passing by singing Italian opera at the top of his lungs.

There is something so enchanting about a beautiful city by night. Due to our wonderfully convenient location, Cory and I can easily take a stroll after dark and enjoy all of the beauty of the canals and the sights at night.
Our first escapade brought us to San Marcos Square. This scene, so charming in daylight, is wonderfully romantic after dark as well. There were vast numbers of musical entertainment including orchestras and pianos. People were dancing in the middle of the square. The palace and clock tower are lit up by lights. The moon was shining off the canal. 

We enjoyed a late night gelato and walk around. A wonderful experience. 

Last night we decided to walk the other direction. Five minutes and we were at the Rialto Bridge. The vast activity did not seem to slow down there even after dark. People are still buying and selling, eating and drinking, laughing and enjoying life. We even saw a bride and groom in the middle of a photo shoot.

We came prepared this time so that we could capture some of the nighttime scenes. I think the pictures turned out well, though it hardly does justice to the beauty of the scene. 

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