Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Week at Holly Cottage

We have been eagerly anticipating our lovely trip to Devon. A building that is four hundred years old is something non-existent at home; and here we are going to spend five nights in one that is not only standing, but inhabitable and cozy. 

Cory cannot get over how comical the construction of the place is. It is quite apparent that the builders did not care whether their walls were square… or whether their floors were sloped. Not to mention the walls are three feet thick.

Words cannot describe this lovely little village. Situated at the top of a hill that overlooks a waterway is beautiful enough; add to that the charm of narrow and winding roads, old houses covered with ivy, and a beautiful church built in  the 1200’s and this little place really is a sight to see. To give an indication as to the charm and size of this village it will suffice to say that the local pub, post office, market, and cafĂ© are all combined as one happy little business.

Cory and I went for a run around all of the little lanes and wound up in a field surrounded by sheep, water, wild flowers, and trees. The heavens do truly declare the glory of God!

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