Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Island of Corfu

After a beautiful day at sea we arrived at our first stop, the lovely island of Corfu. We had a charming day wandering around the little historic town.

I must say it was so nice to get out of all the rain in England (though we loved the rain while we were there) and enjoy the sunshine in Greece. We stepped off the ship into wonderful 85 degree weather. Oh yes.

The town is comprised of very old and narrow winding streets. Shopping and eating abounds. We were able to make our way along the coast to the old fortress... dated something crazy like 800 AD. A few days in Greece makes everything in England seem quite new.

We sat down to a nice sit down lunch and ordered all of the wonderful Greek specialties. That was indeed a wonderful and delicious meal (aside from the fact that they charged for everything from the bread to the sauce to the water, but it is all part of the experience right?).

So we had a nice day together in Corfu. The people are not quite as "perfectly Greek" as they are on the other islands, but they were nice and the views were wonderful.

Here are a few quick pictures to show you the beautiful sights.

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