Friday, May 17, 2013

Goodbye to the English Riveriera

Our beautiful time in Devonshire has quickly come to a close. We are driving back in the car on the first fully sunny day that we have had. I am compelled to glance up from my computer frequently in order to avoid missing a fantastic viewpoint. 

Though rain has been falling in abundance, we have not let it interfere with the numerous adventures our hosts have organized. We have had many wonderful day trips including castles, villages, churches, seaside landscapes, roaming ponies, colorful flowers and much more. 
Yesterday we took a lovely boat ride to a neighboring village.  Dartmouth has many claims to fame, one of them being that it is the port in which the Pilgrims sailed for America in the Mayflower. We saw many tiny lanes and old buildings. The walk along the coast was definitely the highlight of the day, providing breathtaking views. Not the least of these was our suddenly happening into a field full of cows and then passing them by within stroking distance.
Our last evening ended with a visit to the local pub which overlooks the Harbor. Steve believes that it is a view which contests with the one at Dana Point. I am inclined to agree, it is truly lovely. We popped out just in time to catch a glorious sunset. Thankfully, our cottage is just a jaunt up the street so my camera was accessible in time. 

Since last night was our final evening in the cottage we were forced to eat all of the chocolate melting cake and the ice cream. Steve told me that I should have had my weigh in before heading off to the cottage. Cheeky man. 
This morning was the first in which it has been warm enough to have breakfast outside, enjoying the view of the harbor from our terrace.  Poor Lin and Steve did not heed mine and Cory’s insistence to seize the moment in the sunshine with their tea in hand; they appeared just as the skies decided to open and let fall the only rain we had all day. 

Our destination for the day was an estate that I would like to call home (with the exception of my real home, where all my family is). Set on the top of a hill with gardens going down to the sea, the old ten thousand square foot building comes complete with sitting rooms, grand piano and servant’s quarters. If I had been more anticipated some of these excursions I would have practiced the piano more! Lin and Steve insisted that I play today and I confess it was terrible. Oh well, we neither of us perform to strangers. 

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