Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Living Like a Venetian for a Week

Cory and I have quite settled into this wonderful environment. Now that Cory knows our way all around the city (which is quite an amazing feat) he is able to get us anywhere we want to go (sometimes choosing to take the scenic route), not to mention his ability to give directions to other lost tourist. 

We have a lovely little routine which includes breakfast at home with the most delicious coffee. Because we have a kitchen we are able to make meals at home, however we find it difficult to abstain from Angelo’s Fresh Pasta any more than once a day. 

Angelo’s Fresh Pasta is the wonderful discover that Cory made (thankfully) on our first day here. We have not missed a day since, except yesterday… they are closed on Mondays. 

What is this wonderful invention? The most delicious concoction in Venice. It is a tiny little restaurant without any seats and a line out the door. When you order you can sit and watch them making your pasta through the window. I mean literally making the noodles from scratch. Not to mention that various sauces that are completely homemade. They then package it for you in a little box and send you packing. 

I have eaten a lot of wonderful things, and I like to try the food in each culture we are surrounded by… and I am very serious in saying this is the most wonderful, mouthwatering, delicious, carb filled food in the world. Cory says (and I quote) it is like “it is like cloud candy in your mouth”. I couldn’t have put it better myself (man after my own heart). 

And so life continues to be pretty wonderful on the beautiful canals in Venice. We accomplish our share of eating, sight-seeing, walking, shopping, and just enjoying life hand in hand. 

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