Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Amazing Day in Santorini

The memories that Cory and I made on our trip to Santorini are going to be ones that we cherish forever. We truly had the most wonderful day!

The view of the island from the ship was amazing; all of the little white houses cascading down the cliffs and into the bright blue water.

Our adventure started out very promising with the most hilarious ride from the port to the main city. Most of the island is full of cliffs, so there was a VERY step trek from where the small boat dropped us off, to the main town at the top. The road zig zags back and forth for approximately thirty minutes…. That is thirty minutes by donkey. 

Yes, we took that perfectly traditional mode of transportation, the donkey. This particular experience was probably one of the most enjoyable, certainly the most hilarious, times we have had thus far. 

Imagine a long line of tourist and an equally long line of donkeys waiting to make the trek up. The Greek men just went down the line collecting money, hoisted us onto donkeys, and sent us on our way. There were no directions, no pointing, no speaking of any kind; we got on our donkeys and were on our own. 

The funniest part about this whole experience was the vast number of pedestrians who (probably because they were freaked out by the donkeys) decided to walk up or down the trail instead (they certainly would have been better off on top of the donkey inst4ead of underfoot). The donkeys would randomly run into people, walls, and other donkeys. I was continually laughing and apologizing to all the people my donkey was mowing over. Occasionally our donkeys would just decide to stop, and when that happened there was no getting them going again until they were ready.

What an amusing and memorable experience.

After hopping off our donkeys we promptly rented a scooter and explored the whole island from one tip to the other. The views from this island are so amazing. There are some stretches of the journey where the island is so narrow so that water surrounded us on both sides. The red sand beaches, the crystal clear water, the Greek decor, the people, and the landscape all combined to make this island both mine and Cory’s favorite. We have already determined that we want to go back for a much longer visit in the not too distant future. 

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