Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Most Beautiful Viewpoint in the City

Today was the chosen day in which Cory and I took part in one of the most well known and romantic experiences.

When we got on the plane for England over three weeks ago, Cory put a sealed envelope in my hand. It was a card from my dad, entrusted into Cory’s care to be given to me when we were in the air. 

Needless to say it was a personal note that made me cry. Enclosed was money and instructions to use for a gondola ride in Venice. And so, my wonderful, wonderful parents treated Cory and I to the most AMAZING experience on the canals this afternoon. 

Our gondolier was a very nice young Venetian who spoke English very well. I asked him how long he had lived in Venice and he said that in order to be a gondolier you have to be born and raised a true Venetian. I asked him if he liked living here. His answer in a wonderful Italian accent was, “I love living here. Venice is my city. It is part of my heart.” I thought that was a wonderful answer. SO our gondolier gave us a wonderful time on the canals, answering questions, telling us history, and making us laugh when he shouted out random Italian words to the other gondoliers and passers by. 

We came into a few close shaves with walls and boats and bridges, but I think that is fairly normal because our gondolier didn’t even seem to notice (except one time when a rude taxi cut us off, apparently the gondola’s are supposed to have priority on all the canals but the taxi guys are rude). 

I think that Venice is a wonderful and amazing city. The views from San Marco’s clock tower are wonderful, the views from the street are wonderful, but no view compares with the one we saw today. While wandering through all of the tiny canals today we really felt all of the culture of the city. It was so wonderfully romantic; A truly amazing experience. 

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