Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inside San Marco's Basilica

Cory and I have spent many hours wandering the streets of Venice. We have seen all of the amazing big churches, and many of the small ones as well (there are well over a hundred in the city). 

There have been a few churches that have struck us with their magnificence, history, and beauty. At the top of the list is certainly San Marco’s Basilica. 

The walls and ceilings are covered with the most beautiful mosaics. These mosaics are the most amazing works of art that have been added to the cathedral over a span of nine hundred years. I have never seen familiar Bible stories portrayed in such an inspired and stunning array. 

We meandered through the church, saw the view from the upstairs balcony, and visited the museum portion enclosed within the building. We are continually amazed by the historical background here.

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