Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautiful Venice

Ahh Venice…I don’t even know where to begin in describing this magical city. Just know that the beauty and the romance that exists here is unparalleled in any other place that I have been. 

Cory and I hopped of the cruise ship bright and early on Saturday morning with anticipation for our next grand adventure. After maneuvering our way through many streets and squares we arrived at a waterbus station that would take us to our destination. Yes, this is the only mode of public transportation in this amazing watery city.

After arriving at our stop we read the directions that the hotel sent to us; in summation, “take this exit off waterbus number one. Go straight for twenty meters. Turn left. Cross a bridge. Pass a garden. Our office will be on your left.” You can imagine the difficulty and hilarity of trying to find our way to the office in question. We did arrive at a very old building (naturally) rang the door bell and someone popped there head out of an upstairs window (awesome). They lady then came down and took us through all of the narrow streets and across bridges until we arrived at our accommodations. 

As I previously stated, we are staying in a little place on the corner of two small waterways. Gondolas go by our window all day long and I oftentimes peek my head out and smile at the gondoliers as they pass by.
Cory and I have been having the most wonderful time exploring the city. Cory is becoming quite the pro at maneuvering through all of the little streets (I will have do a post titled ‘Cory and His Map’ one of these days). For the last two days we have walked for hours on end, examining all of the shops and various churches. Such an amazing amount of history! 

Yesterday the church that we attended was the second oldest in the city, built in the 900s. We were very happy to find that they did a service in English (and the priest was very pleasant to listen to and pronounced Christ ‘cwist’). 

I will have to save the instance of the most valuable Venetian discovery we made thus far. It will require too much description to go into now. It is something that Cory found within this city and is enough to make Venice one of our favorite places in the world… but more on that later. Ciao!

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