Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Beaches of Mykonos

The remainder of our days in Greece flew by very rapidly. We are now nestled in a cozy little place in Venice, only three minutes from San Marcos Square. Our ‘street’ is a very popular gondola route apparently. I can hear them going by as we speak. 

What a wonderful and romantic city! But more on that later. 

I will first finish up our time in Greece with some lovely memories and pictures. The time is going by so fast, it already seems like our days in England and the first few stops on the cruise ship were so long ago. Oh well, such is life. We will have the wonderful memories forever.

The day after Santorini (still our favorite island for sure) we stopped at Mykonos. This was a charming little island as well, covered with the beautiful white houses with blue shutters and roofs. After wandering through all of the tiny little streets of the main village we hopped on a bus headed for the beach.

The bus was so packed we had to stand and there was no air conditioning. I kid you not, Cory and I started dripping the minute we got on. It was about thirty minutes through all of the winding roads (we are always amazed that big buses can even drive through those little streets), so you can imagine how eager Cory and I were when the bus stopped. We hopped off first thing and started booking it to the water…without even realizing that not many people were following us. 

Long story short, it happened that we did not go to the popular tourist beach and landed ourselves on a small beach in a cove. It was beautiful and far more peaceful than the “Las Vegas on the beach” area we were heading to originally. 

We were just walking innocently along, holding hands and enjoying the views when I got quite a little shock… To all appearances we had happened upon a clothing optional beach. Oh dear. Let’s just say that for the most part the elderly and the rotund enjoyed this beach.

We plopped ourselves down on that beach and closed our eyes to soak in the rays. What a memory.
The only other seriously wonderful thing that I will mention about Mykonos is that we ate some wonderful Greek Baklava, it was just a huge slab just dripping with honey. Heavenly. 

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