Monday, March 3, 2014

Cheap and Easy Complete Bathroom Makeover

I realized today that I have been doing a lot of deep life and relationship posts. Not that those aren't cool... but I thought maybe I would lighten it up a bit today with another fun topic: a DIY project.

So once upon a time I decided I wanted to do something with my bathroom. It was boring and white and…well ugly. This is how I have been with every room in my house at some point. But the issue is…. We rent this house. I don’t want to drop a bunch of money on a house that we might move out of next month or year, or whatever.

But I didn't want to live in a house with an ugly bathroom! So clearly the answer was to do something cute without spending a bunch of money.

I happened upon this girl’s blog who made shower curtains for her bathroom that went all the way from the ceiling to the floor. She said it was super easy and it looked great! I was like, “yeah, I can totally do that! I have never sewn in my life, I get impatient and therefore do a bunk job at measuring and cutting and such, but I can totally do it!!!”

Yeah, so that lasted for about one trip to Joann’s Fabric in which the colors, the sizes, the options, the spools and spools of fabric were just overwhelming. I am a fairly crafty person… but that store is intense, I am just saying. (I see that my little blog about how I made my bathroom look cute has definitely become more like story telling hour. Oh well).

Despite the whole, “make your own shower curtain thing” I still wanted my curtain to go all the way to the floor. It just gave such a pretty, classy look to the bathroom. And so I had another idea, I would just buy some regular curtains and keep the water-proof shower curtain inside. Brilliant!

And that is what I did.

Because the rest of my house is all earth tones, I wanted to go a little crazy in the bathroom. So I picked this beautiful dark teal blue that was so much fun. I happen to love teal blue and orange together (in fact I realize I am on a weird kick with these colors and my clothes too) and so I accessorized with my burnt orange towels as opposed to my brown ones.

So, in addition to this issue of white and boring, my bathroom is tiny with limited counter and storage space. I found this little rack in front of someone's house that they were throwing away. It was really ugly and the bars were loose. I bought some metallic spray paint, tightened the screws and voila, extra storage space. I bought a couple little baskets to organize my various bathroom products.

So not only is my bathroom way cuter, it is way more functional. I still want to find something cute with orange accents to hang on the wall, but I have found nothing that I love yet. Any ideas or creative suggestions are more than welcome :)
The cost to completely change the face of my bathroom?

½ gallon paint - $15.00
Curtains (Marshalls) - $25.00
Metal shelf thing – FREE!
Metallic paint - $6.00
2 storage bins (Michaels) - $12.00
Decorative shower curtain rod (Marshalls) - $13.00

Add a little time and sweat and the total cost was a mere: $71.00!


  1. ahh!! that looks so good!!! we have an etagere over our toilet too & i love how much more storage it adds & it really dresses up the bathroom! :)

    1. Wow thank you for enlightening me on exactly what that piece of furniture is called! Obviously I was struggling...hence the "metallic shelf thing". An etagere!

    2. haha! well the only reason i know is because we put it on our wedding register! before then i referred to it as the metallic shelf thing too! :)

  2. Looks great doll! I too am trying to make over rooms in my house on the cheap.... little by little it's all coming together. It does give one a sense of accomplishment doesn't it? Very cute blog... found you on the link up. Following along now!

    1. Thanks for following along, Taylor! You know, I think the finished product gives me a little more pride when I do it myself and for a reasonable price. It makes for a fun and rewarding challenge :)


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