Friday, March 28, 2014

Closing a Glorious Chapter

Speaking of seasons, simple pleasures, and the end of eras, this week closed a chapter in my life. It is going to come across as something very silly and insignificant, and yet it is one of those little things in life which have brought me joy. 

Psych. psych party

The season finale of Psych. Now, the last thing in the world I want to do right now, is convince anyone who has not watched this show to do so. It is a very specific sense of humor for a very specific crowd. And that crowd just happens to be my family.

This sad event that occurred this week is the close of a chapter that started when I was still living at home. My parents, little sister and I were introduced to the show by my little brother (at first very unwillingly). And then it became something very special. We spent time laughing together as a family. We bonded over the witty and hilarious Shawn and Gus.

Then I got married. In that first year, Cory and I went through the completed seasons together. We didn’t have any furniture in the room that housed our big box tv, so we laid on the floor almost every night for an episode or two. We laughed and laughed.

Whenever the show was running, us kids who have no children would go over to my parents and watch it together. It became a ritual to sing the theme song at the top of our lungs. My dad even printed out the sheet music and we sang with the guitar sometimes. I mean, this was a big deal in our family.

When Cory and I were in Venice last year, we made it to an internet café and downloaded the current episodes. I know that sounds ridiculous, I mean, we were in Italy! But let me tell you, after a wonderfully long day of sightseeing, there is nothing more enjoyable then snuggling up in your little Venetian apartment with a glass of red wine and your husband to watch a little piece of home. We even watched that particular episode a few times that trip. I don't remember what was so funny, but Cory was laughing so hard he was almost crying. Good times.

And so this Wednesday brought the fatal night. The end of an era and a wonderful simple pleasure in our lives. My parents hosted a Psych party/wake. Everyone brought a pineapple snack (you would have to watch the show to get that). The whole family (minus kids and the two husbands with those kids) showed up to say farewell to our friends of eight years. We sang louder than ever. And I am not going to lie… tears were shed. And I don't just mean one glistening tear on cheeks.

It was a pretty epic party.

This is just another little thing in life that can be so meaningless, and yet how many memories are wrapped up in it? Don’t get me wrong, the world is definitely found far outside the tv, but occasionally those things can be tools used to bond people even closer together.

So here is to those little traditions you create as a family that bring you together. I hope they make you laugh as much as Psych made us laugh.

I wish I could put all the Gus look a like crying pictures.... but I think it would make many members of my family mad. So these will have to suffice: 


  1. couldnt tell that shannon was unhappy looks like her normal face !

  2. Sorry, Shannon. I don't know why John always likes to tease you! :)

  3. Truly the end of a wonderful era. Many good good times and really good laughs. Good bye Shawn and Gus. We will miss you!

  4. awesome post lady. my favorite part of the night was when we looked over and there was little sis bawling. she's a real weeper.

    1. Best moment of the night for sure. But I get it.

  5. That picture of me is the worst!! Thanks for that. Otherwise, this is a great post. We have had a great run of laughter and fun with Psych. We will have to carry on the tradition and start at Season 1 again soon. We can pretend it never ends.

    1. You should see the ones I didn't post....


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