Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Greater Thing Indeed

There is something quite fun about blogging, in that I just pick up and write whatever is on my heart based on the recent events in my life. Some little experiences and epiphanies would be all but forgotten in the scheme of life as we move from great event to great event, with the little events oftentimes falling through the cracks.

In light of that, I am once again thinking about marriage. I know it may seem like I think about this, and write about this a lot.... but really, marriage should consume a married person's life in a lot of ways.

Although I like to see myself as a very logical woman… I do realize that I am a woman nonetheless with a range of crazy emotions. 

I was so blessed this week by the many emotions that I felt, and the peace and happiness that I experienced in the knowledge that Cory was always there for me.

Long story short, I am undertaking to further my education and this week contained the first of many tests that are to come in the next few months. But what was really impressed upon me this week is the amazing and wonderful support I have from my husband as I continue to pursue some of my dreams. These endeavors that I am beginning mean nothing to him, except in that they mean something to me. And just because of that, he gives me all of the support and encouragement to better myself.

When I was stressed out, I couldn’t wait to talk to Cory about it, because I knew that he would say all of the right things. In one case he told me to go to the gym, because he knew that would help me to relax and clear my mind. I did. And he was right. 

When I was so caught up in the all of the studying and busy work that this week required, Cory didn’t say a word about the fact that the kitchen was definitely below my usual standard of tidiness or that he had to dig through the laundry basket for a clean pair of shorts. 

Whenever I felt unsure of my capabilities, Cory pronounced full confidence in anything I set my mind to. And you know what’s amazing, he really thinks that about me.

In the moment, sometimes the little things in life seem so hard. When I felt sad, I couldn't wait till he got home so he could wrap his arms around me and tell me everything would be okay. It hindsight, it is silly to be effected by the little things in such a way. But like I said, I am a woman. I am just thankful that when he comforts me like that... I really do know that it is okay. 

And though in the scheme of things, this week’s accomplishments were so small, I was so excited to call Cory so that he could share my happiness. 

These few reasons alone are enough to convince me how important it is to go through life with a partner to share all of the experiences and the vast array of emotions that come along. 


  1. What a blessing to have a hubby that's totally on board with your goals!!! I love it!

    1. I am blessed indeed. Those are sometimes the little things that can go unnoticed, and it is important to realize.


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